Rhini Shield TX4 100ml




For use in healthy swine as an aid in the prevention of Atrophic rhinitis caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica or the toxin of Pasteurella multocida types A & D, Erysipelas caused by E. rhusiopathiae and Pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida type A.

Dosage: IM or subcut. Four doses must be given (two gilt/sow doses and two piglet doses). Gilts & sows – 5 ml at 5 and 2 wks prior to farrowing. Piglets from vaccinated dams – 1 ml at 7-10 days of age followed by a 2 ml dose 2 wks later. 21 day slaughter withdrawal. U.S. Lic. No. 303.