Pyramid 5 50ds 100ml

Pyramid 5 50ds 100ml

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Modified-live virus for vaccination of healthy cattle as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by IBR, BVD Types 1&2, PI3 and BRSV. Also aids in the prevention of persistent BVD Types 1&2 infection of the fetal calf when used subcut in the cow or heifer 30-60 days pre-breeding. Combines the Singer and 5912 BVD strains for broad modified-live BVD protection. Single-dose, adjuvanted protection contains MetaStim, which “hides” the vaccine antigen in a naturally occurring, metabolizable carrier called an adjuvant. It increases immunological response by enhancing antigen presentation. IBR-challenged cattle demonstrated quick protection 14 days post-vaccination with a single dose and long-lasting protection 93 days post-vaccination with a single dose.

Dosage: 2 ml IM or subcut. Calves vaccinated under 6 mos of age should be revaccinated at 6 mos. Revaccinate annually. Anaphylactic reactions may occur. U.S. Lic. No. 112. 

Pharmaceutical Name Bovine RhinotracheitisVirus DiarrheaParainfluenza3Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine Modified Live Virus


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