ProSystem RCE 50ml 25 dose

ProSystem RCE 50ml 25 dose

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Used for the vaccination of healthy pregnant sows and gilts to provide passive protection to their nursing pigs against rotaviral diarrhea, enterotoxemia (Clostridium perfringens type C) and colibacillosis (Escherichia coli). Etiologic agents are among the most important causes of neonatal porcine diarrhea and they occur very often in combination with each other.

Dosage: For primary vaccination, each pregnant sow and gilt must receive at least 2 doses of Rotavirus vaccine rehydrated with ProSystem® CE. Administer one 2 ml. dose of the ProSystem® RCE combination intramuscularly at 5 weeks and again one 2 ml. dose IM at 2 weeks before farrowing. In subsequent farrowings, administer one 2 ml. dose intramuscularly about 2 weeks before farrowing. 21 day slaughter withdrawal. U.S. Lic. No. 165A.

Pharmaceutical Name: Porcine rotavirus Vaccine, Modified Live Virus Clostridium perfringens type C, Escherichia coli Bacterin-Toxoid

For use in healthy pregnant swine as an aid in the prevention of rotaviral diarrhea, enterotoxemia and colibacillosis in their nursing piglets. Contains two major Rotavirus serotypes, four major E. coli pilus antigens (K88, K99, F41 and 987P) and C. perfringens type C toxoid.


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