PRO-TEC ChlorSeptic 2% with Aloe Vera

SKU: AUR59004



  • Chlorhexidine scrubs have shown to be much more effective in killing bacteria than povidone-iodine scrubs, plus have residual effects lasting up to 6 hours
  • The addition of aloe vera provides needed moisturizing felief for surgeons.
  • Unlike other products on the market, the Pro-Tec ChlorSeptic formulation contains no harsh detergents, sulfates, or harsh quaternium ammonium substances.
  • The ChlorSeptic formulation includes gentle surfactants and lipid layer enhancers which aid in reducing the dyring and cracking of skin due to excessive washing.
  • Monograph label format complies with FDA labeling guidelines for human surgical scrubs, and places product in the “approved” category, which all other veterinary labeled products are in the “unapproved other” category