Porcine Pili Shield + C 50ds

Porcine Pili Shield + C 50ds



Helps protect baby pigs from scouring caused by strains of E. coli with K99, K88, F41, and 987P pilus antigens. Also protects against Clostridium perfringens Type C, which can cause highly fatal enteritis in suckling pigs.

Dosage: 2 ml IM given 5 and 2 weeks prior to first farrowing, with a single booster to be given 2 weeks prior to subsequent farrowing. U.S. Lic. No. 303.


Clostridium Perfringens Type C-Escherichia Coli Bacterin-Toxoid

For use in healthy pregnant swine as an aid in the control of disease in piglets caused by Clostridium perfringens Type C and K88, K99, 987P, and F41 piliated Escherichia coli.


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