ORAL-PRO Vit. D3 plus E, Gal.

SKU: AUR21011



Flexible dosing as a 1 mL oral product for baby pigs or diluted in a stock solution at 2-4 ounces per gallon for administration to nursery pigs and finishing pigs.

•Unique, water-stable emulsion for easy mising in water.

•Convenient dosing with a 1mL pump included with every pint bottle.

•Minimum 40,000 IU per mL of vitamin D3 to meet the piglets’ needs in a farrowing crate.

•Vitamin D3 and E combination provides critical support to the immune system at an important time in the pigs’ life.

•Manufactured and packaged under FDA cGMP requirements.

•Provides vitamin E to reduce the oxidative effects of iron dextran when given at processing.


Technical Bulletin.