Oral-Pro Sod. Salicylate 48% Gal

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ORAL-PRO Sodium Salicylate Concentrate 48% is labeled for use in the drinking water of poultry, swine and cattle as an aid in reducing pain, fever and inflammation. ORAL-PRO helps reduce fever caused by viral and bacterial infections and fever caused by heat stress from transporting, The product is soluble in hard water and stable in milk or milk replacer.

In calves over 2 weeks of age – administer 4 ml of ORAL-PRO per 100 lbs. of body weight (40mg/kg) to calves once daily for 1-3 days. Do not use in cows producing milk for human comsumption.

Water proportioner use – add 8 oz to make one gallon of stock solution and administer through a medicator metered at 1:128 ( one ounce per gallon)

Livestock tank use – add 8 ounces to 128 gallons of clean drinking water.