Bluelite Swine 2lb Pkt

Bluelite Swine 2lb Pkt



Palatable buffered electrolyte water acidifier for use in pigs as an aid in controlling dehydration & shrinkage as a result of stress following weaning, sorting and handling. Intended for pigs of any age but specially designed for early weaning & feeder pigs.

Administer in drinking water (1 oz per 4 gal water) of pigs showing signs of dehydration and loss of body wt, or add 6 lbs per ton complete swine feed. Use for 5-7 days or until pigs’ feed intake has returned to normal.

BLUELITE® Swine Formula is a multiple electrolyte formula it provides seven electrolytes to help maintain fluid in the cells It provides four essential cations potassium magnesium sodiumA calcium which are required by the fluids in the tissueA three anions bicarbonate phosphateA chloride It also contains dextrose fructose sucrose lactoseA glycine


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