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    White foam tip catheter without handle. 500ct.
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    J-LUBE® is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective obstetrical lubricant. J-LUBE® is completely inert and non-irritating. 10 oz. plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6–8 gallons of lubricant

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    All-purpose, non-spermicidal lubricating jelly for use in obstetrical, vaginal and rectal exams. May also be used as a lubricant for catheters and stomach tubes.

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    ChorLube is a chlorhexidine antiseptic lubricant
    that is ready to use for topical or intrauterine
    application. It is non-greasy and free from
    irritating effects.

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    27-strand stainless steel wire saw comes packaged in a 32′ coil in a reusable plastic dispenser to prevent tangling.