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    This Boar Harness has nickel plated welded heavy collar buckles and solid cast nickel plated snaps.

  • $28.05

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    This compression sprayer can be used for cleaners, insecticides, misting plants, leaf polish, animal grooming and dairy use.

  • $15.50

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    For easy castration of calves, lambs and goats with no loss of blood or open wounds. May be used for docking and prolapse.

  • $2.25

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    Latex Elastrator Bands.

  • $18.90

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    7″ Emasculator useful for docking and castration.

  • $23.75

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    Eprinex Pour-On Gun dosage adjusts from 5 ml to 65 ml in 2.5 ml increments. Clear poly barrel is marked with proper pour-on cattle wormer dosage up to 1430 lbs. Adjustable tip of pour-on nozzle allows you to independently set the pressure at which pour-on wormer is dispensed.

  • $16.00

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    Fillerneedle 4 3/4″

  • $23.79

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    Fillerneedle 8 1/2″

  • $1.55

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    Plastic replacement clip for the Retroliter heat lamp fixture.

  • $26.25

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    • Adjustable hanger is attached to the 12 foot power cord for easy mounting and height adjustment
    • Lampholder is fully enclosed to protect against breakage and water penetration
    • Screw shell and center contact of lampholder are nickel plated to prevent bonding to heat lamp screw base. This eliminates separation of the glass from the screw base during relamping.
    • Shock absorbing non-metallic shade/enclosure will not dent or corrode and reduces the risk of damage to the heat lamp.
    • A portion of the heat lamp’s light is diffused through the opaque shade/enclosure to provide supplemental illumination.
    • Light bulb not included.