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60" long stainless steel handle, with a 24" wide blade. An excellent scraper that wears evenly and out lasts ordinary scrapers many times.
Benz-All is an efficient germicidal concentrate of Benzalkonium Chloride with an added anti-rust component. Soak rubber & metal instruments for at least 15 minutes for effective... Read More
This Boar Harness has nickel plated welded heavy collar buckles and solid cast nickel plated snaps.
Boar Harness Clip Double End
Strong, sturdy ductile iron construction, smoothly ground and chrome plated for durability. Nose piece measures 2-1/4” x 1” across center diameter. Overall length is 8”. Comfortable... Read More
Size: Small, 5/16” x 2-1/2”
Callicrate Loops are made from a specific latex forumulation that is over three times stronger than surgical tubing or pre-made latex rings. The patented no-slip Callicrate clip that holds the... Read More
• Useful in any age bull, especially heavier ones (500-900 lbs.) where risk of blood loss, swelling and infection are high• Twisting action effectively closes cord to minimize blood loss... Read More
This multi-purpose plier is designed for use on sheep, goats and small calves for castration, docking and dehorning. It offers durable, precise operation. Tool is 9-3/8" long with a 1-3/4"... Read More
For mild to severe dermatological conditions in dogs, cats and horses where a full strength antiseptic, antimicrobial, cleansing and deodorizing formulation may be of benefit. 
For mild to severe dermatological conditions in dogs, cats and horses where a full strength antiseptic, antimicrobial, cleansing and deodorizing formulation may be of benefit. 
An antiseptic and antimicrobial disinfectant which provides fast-acting activity against a wide range of microorganisms, especially against those commonly found on the skin. A non-toxic, non-... Read More
A high-quality comb for many grooming tasks. Ideal for horse manes and tails. Wood handle. Width: 5". Course (42 teeth).
This compression sprayer can be used for cleaners, insecticides, misting plants, leaf polish, animal grooming and dairy use.
Sterile ready-to-use systems intended for the collection, transport and preservation of clinical specimens for bacteriological examination. 
Two-sided dehorning head saves you time. One instrument handles newborn calves 3-10 days old; flip it over for larger calves up to 12 weeks (some breeds to 6 months). Solid brass, long-life heating... Read More
Heavy-duty metal dust pan.
For easy castration of calves, lambs and goats with no loss of blood or open wounds. May be used for docking and prolapse.
Latex Elastrator Bands.
7" Emasculator useful for docking and castration.
A non-toxic, non-irritating antiseptic shampoo that immediately cleans and deodorizes hair and skin. Soothing emollients relieve irritation and soften hair coat. Eliminates skunk odor.  
Eprinex Pour-On Gun dosage adjusts from 5 ml to 65 ml in 2.5 ml increments. Clear poly barrel is marked with proper pour-on cattle wormer dosage up to 1430 lbs. Adjustable tip of pour-on nozzle... Read More
These high quality Dura-Mats contain no nylon filters, are non-porous and harbors fewer bacteria. 
Plastic Feed Scoop


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CocciAid (amprolium) 9.6% oral Solution Coccidiostat
SwineMate (alternogest)
Altren (altrenogest)
CLARITY Non-Spermicidal A.I. Lubricating Jelly
BALANCE Stress & Dehydration Aid
FDA Approves EQUISUL-SDT (Sulfadiazine-Trimethoprim) oral suspension
Aurora Pharmaceutical launches ORAL-PRO Vitamin D3 plus E for oral use in swine and in drinking water of nursery and finishing pigs
BARRIER Wound Care with Pain Relief, 2% available iodine plus Lidocaine
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