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    Recommended for the control and treatment of colibacillosis in weanling swine caused by strains of E. coli sensitive to gentamicin, and for the control and treatment of swine dysentery associated with Treponema hyodysenteriae.

    Dosage: Mix 1 oz. per 240 gallons of water for treatment of E. coli scours, or 1 oz. per 120 gallons for swine dysentery. 

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    Mineral Oil provides an excellent internal lubricant and laxative. Softens impacted matter and is not absorbed from the intestine.

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    Kills and repels flies, ants, clover mites, cluster flies, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, fruit flies, gnats, horn flies, house flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, mud daubers, small flying moths, sow bugs, spiders, stable flies & wasps. Use in and around barns and other farm structures

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    Rx: Script Form Required

    This sterile water for injection is made by distillation and is suitable for use as a diluent for preparation of pharmaceutical solutions when made isotonic by addition of suitable solutes. This product contains no preservative; solutions made from this water should be used promptly or sterilized with adequate precautions for maintaining sterility.

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    TEK-TROL is a synthetic detergent which provides broad-spectrum kill of gram-positive and gram-negative micro-organisms, provides effective cleaning and disinfecting in one operation, nonflammable and nonvolatile in use dilutions, excellent solubility, dilutes in hot, cold, soft or hard water of up to 1,000 ppm water hardness. The TEK-TROL® high foaming detergent system has been formulated to provide heavy duty cleaning, wetting and penetration of soils and organic matter and easy rinsing of surfaces. Clinging foam is obtained at ½ oz. per gallon of water to provide prolonged contact time.